Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wings for Alex

Good Evening,
Tonight I am posting a poem that I wrote for my young friend, Alex, who recently lost her mother.  Although, I can't take the pain away, I hope the words will bring comfort in  her hours of need.  With all my heart, Alex, I send love and peace.

Wings for Alex
Where the sky is forever blue
And the mountains and trees stand bold
There lived a little girl
Whose hair was spun from gold

Between a mom and dad she grew
Beyond her eleven years
Learning all the lessons that they taught
Diminishing her fears

In the winter she flew down great big hills
Awash in frozen white
In summer she flew astride geldings and mares
While smiling with delight

But one Fall day tragedy struck
And broke the young girl’s heart
The Mountains drooped, the trees sagged low
The endless blue sky grew dark

Tears spilled freely and cries rang out
Indescribable was the pain
From losing someone she loved so much
Will she ever smile again

But from above an angel watches
Trying to let her know
That love lives on eternally
And will never let her go

Change is coming, don’t be afraid
Embrace it if you will
For we can only make the best
From what we can control

Before you go to bed each night
Having survived another day
Hug Daddy tight and Bailey too
So they too may find their way

 Then fly off to visit her
Wherever you think she’ll be
And you can tell her you’ll be ok
Right there within your dream

Alex 'flying' on Spirit, (Photo by Don Allen).


  1. Oh Anne, that is beautiful!!! Tears just keep flowing. I love it!


  2. Anne, what a beautiful poem and what great comfort it should give Alex.

  3. OMG....SO very perfect!!!!

  4. These words are beautiful Anne.....Alex, we love you.....

  5. Anne,
    This is beautiful and touching. My heart goes out to Alex and her father and I'm sure this beautiful poem will bring them some solace.

  6. Becky Sutherland McGoughSeptember 18, 2012 at 11:39 AM

    Anne, Thank you for this beautiful poem, and helping not only Alex, but my brother & our family heal as well.

  7. So thanful for such a loving and caring support system. Kirsty will watch Eric and Alex from up above while the rest of us watch over them here on earth. Again thank you!

  8. Thanks Anne for reminding us that we down here on Earth feel so distraught and helpless, forgetting that we are still embraced by those above. Love to Alex and Eric from Uncle Don and Aunt Barb.

  9. It is hard to find words that heal.When I see the skies open with rays leading down to earth I will think of one more loved one saying hello, and reminding me of another blessed place.

  10. Anne This is absolutely beautiful.

  11. Anne that is truly beautiful.

  12. Alex has now got her wings thanks to all the loving, caring, and sweet people, friends,cand family. She grows nicer, sweeter and more thoughtful every day. We will always love you Alex. From your friends and family. From Abby to Alex. From me to you.