Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Monday, March 25, 2013

Only a Year Ago...

New book logo design; artist, Jessie Farouche, (Fools Journey Tatoo), of Raquette Lake, NY.
Jessie also designed our MRF logo!
      Good Morning,
     Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my first post published at Finding My Way to Moose River Farm.  What a year it's been!  Each entry has enabled me to share the joys and sorrows of living with a variety of animals.  Your comments and 'likes' demonstrate that I am not alone.  
Many responses have included parallel experiences with  pets who come across as more than sources of amusement.  I love hearing about them and am still holding out hope that you will share anecdotes from your own lives with animals. 
      Last year when I tentatively clicked on the publish button for the first time, it was the bitter cold first day of spring break.  That post announced the mission of the blog; to share excerpts, photographs and video that supported my 'soon to be published' book.  Mission accomplished!  In July, Finding My Way to Moose River Farm will be available for purchase.  In August we are planning an author's fair, here at the farm, so that readers can meet the living characters who appear in the book.  Stay tuned for details.
      To celebrate this one year milestone let me know your thoughts about the posts.  Which is your favorite?  Which ones made you laugh and/or cry?  Which posts can you identify with?  Which animals are your favorites?  Have you watched any of the videos more than once?  Do any of the photographs affect your emotions?  Your responses will help me determine future posts.  
      As I write this morning, the four little dogs are curled up in various beds around the kitchen floor.  Rosemary is waking up under the kitchen table and is looking for food.  Fiona, having returned from cleaning up under the bird feeder is napping in her room.  I can hear her snoring.  The horses are finishing their breakfast and will be turned out shortly. Goaties and donks are foraging for hay in the barn, wondering when it will be time for their daily walk.  And I am contemplating how to begin my next book.  With so much and so many to be thankful for, it is a daunting task.  So off I go and lets see just how far I can get in the year to come.  


  1. Gosh, so many stories I have loved throughout the year. I love sharing them with John too, since we both had the wonderful opportunities to meet the players and enjoy the magic that is part of Moose River Farm.
    I know I loved hearing about your earlier stories of your part in helping rehabilitate various creatures that came into your life and needed your help. They were able to share a short moment in time with you, but I love how it affected and remained with you always.
    I look forward to your book release and look forward to sharing the book and stories with others.
    Thanks Anne!
    ps - I love the book cover design - fits perfectly!!

  2. Thanks Sue! Of course your beautiful photographs tell many parts of the story!

  3. Where can we buy your book Anne and when is your open house?

  4. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for your inquiry. My book is due for publication some time in August. It will be available from the Old Forge Hardware Store's book department at that time. They have agreed to provide mail order service. Not sure what the price is going to be yet, but should have more details in the next week. Glad you are looking forward to it. Thanks again for your support!