Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rachel, Was it you?

     Good Afternoon,
     This weekend we celebrated a union on Raquette Lake.  Our nephew Will was married to Jill in the same picturesque setting that he visited every summer during his youth.  Family and friends gathered to share in the big event.  Although Rachel Phinney, (Will's grandmother and my husband's mother), passed away two years ago, there was no denying her presence at this beautiful Adirondack wedding.  To all my Phinney family I dedicate the following poem.  Did you feel her too?

Was it you?

Was it you who picked the date
then forced the weather to cooperate?

Was it you who safely guided family and friends to the base of West Mountain?

After the rain cleared out of the way
was it you who presented a rainbow over Sucker Brook Bay?

Was it you, I only caught a dash
twinkling from gems of the bride's pink sash?

Was it you standing still
with your arms wrapped around Will?

As he bestowed vows to Jill for the taking, was it you who kept his voice strong and from breaking?

Was it you, I thought I saw
gently waving from the ferns, leaves, and pine trees tall?

Was it you, in the church steeple
gazing down at the small crowd of people?

From every smile that warmed this wedding event, was it you radiating hope, good will, and a great time spent?

And when Donna and Billy were last on the dance floor, was it you sending best wishes for thirty-seven years more?

We all felt your presence, felt you near, felt your love, cascading down sunbeams sent from Heaven above.

While reliving fond memories in the chapel's wooden pew, from when I was your son's bride, were you with me, was it you?

Although you can't see her, Rachel was surely present with Will and Jill Geisdorf,
July 20, 2013.

It was you, Rachel, with us on June 7, 1986.


  1. Indeed, it was her...
    Thank you Anne, for this touching tribute to our sweet mother, Rachel. Love this picture, really captures her beautiful spirit.

  2. Wonderful sentiment beautifully expressed

  3. I was really worried and shed lots of tears during the week of my wedding. But walking into that hall was such an amazing moment. self release doves