Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Monday, September 2, 2013

Squeezing the Last Drops Out of Summer

     Good Morning,
     Summer vacation has run out although I am still trying to squeeze the last few drops of it in these remaining hours.  So much has been accomplished over the last 10 weeks despite sticky hot weather, biting insects and a shortage of lesson horses in the barn.  On the first day of vacation we welcomed Gatsby, a handsome Quarter horse gelding recovering from a tendon injury.  He has made great progress since his arrival.  This week he is back in light work that includes lots of walking on trails.  
     All of the MRF riders have progressed this summer bridging the gap between learning to ride and learning to train.  It is a marvelous transformation to witness and one that both horses and riders benefit from.  Keep up the good work ladies! 
     This last week has flown by from one activity to the next leaving little time for my mind to transition back to that of a school teacher.  Today, however, I find myself making lists that will help prepare for the arrival of my new fifth graders.  I am excited to begin the process that will send them up to middle school 180 instructional days from now.  And I welcome the challenge despite state test scores, common core curriculum, and teacher evaluations.  As my school teacher life resumes in the coming days, I will keep the special summer memories close by for comfort.  Then I will fill up the next 10 months with discovery, enlightenment, and fun, until the last drop signifies that it is summer once again.  Happy New Year to all of us going back to school! 
Welcome Gatsby.
After weeks of rest and rehabilitation Gatsby is back under saddle. Rider; Meg Marcone
After a long and successful day of signing books, I spent an evening by the fireplace with my friend Mary Anne.
Alex stands in front of the quilt, (far left), that her grandmother made for her dad; displayed this week at the NYS Fair.
I want an alpaca or llama....next!
Cute zebra face....reminds me of my donks.
Katherine and Alex wait in line...
...then brave the rides!
The next night we played Horseopoly with other MRF family members.  Apparently, Hayden is an alien?  Why am I not surprised?


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