Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Seasons's Greetings from Moose River Farm, 2013

       Merry Christmas,
     While looking ahead into the new year, we count our blessings for the wonderful year it has been at Moose River Farm.  To all with whom we share our farm, we wish you a joyous Christmas and much happiness in the coming year.  Thanks so much for your loyalty and support. 
     Sending peace and love,
     Rod, Anne and...
 all the Animals at Moose River Farm

Sandi, Zambi, Easau, Target, Makia, Spirit, Gatsby, Joshua, Lowtchee
Bing, Lacey, Nina, Huxley, Rosemary, Hayden, Niles, Frankie
Fiona, Lilly, and Liam

Photo by Michele deCamp and edited by Mark Butto

 Ben (photo by Mark Butto)
Tango (photo by Mark Butto)



  1. Merry Christmas Anne...I received my wonderful book in the mail yesterday and I'm enjoying every word...God bless your family and all of Gods creatures
    Diane Fowler...Vickys sister

  2. Thank you Diane! So glad you are enjoying the book. It was a labor of love to write! Happy New Year.

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