Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Moose River Farm....Staycation

     Good Morning,
    Facebook friends have filled their posts with beautiful sun-filled vacation photos these last two weeks.  After such a harsh winter, the idea of escaping to sand, sun and 80 degrees is very appealing.  However, I have been waiting patiently, through months of bitter misery for these two weeks to just stay home.  
     The time was necessary to reconnect with my animals.  It was also spent promoting Finding My Way to Moose River Farm with the expertise of a book publicist named Susan Schwartzman.  Her guidance has brought me to the realm of radio and TV author interviews.  Although this phase is very exciting, it does require focus and preparation.  Needless to say, with Susan's help, I am learning while reaching a whole new layer of animal loving readers.  
     The following photos are a brief synopsis of my break.  Notice how the most significant sign of winter evaporates over the course of two weeks.  Good riddance... and welcome spring!

Rosemary is desperate for sunshine after a long winter spent indoors.

On sunny days, Sandi's remaining eye is protected under a fly mask.

Target lost a whole lot of bird nesting material....from the shedding blade.


Zambi is in desperate need of grooming after a nap in his melting manure paddock.

Lowtchee contemplates lying down with Joshua in the sunshine.

There are still piles of snow yet to melt after week one.

Fiona went for many walks looking for signs of summer.


The hens explore the garden, searching for earthworms to turn into eggs.

On a mission.

Power walking after a long winter.

Rod digs worms for his girls.  Shirtsleeves against a snowy background.  Adk. spring.

Liam, Lilly and Lacey snack on the barn wreath.




Target and Makia feel the earth under their feet....and run for pure joy!

Nap time for Missy is nap time for Hayden.

...and Huxley.

Jeanne Dunn, a member of the Canastota Library Writer's Group greets Rosemary at our book talk.

On Good Friday we made an appearance on Channel 9's Bridge Street.  Great experience!

Bridge Street TV Segment

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