Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Saturday, August 9, 2014

More Girls and Horses....MRF Riding Recital, 2014

     Good Evening,
     The MRF Riding Recital, An Evening at Moose River Farm, was held under a patchy blue sky on the balmy evening of July 21st.  Once again, my students displayed their progress in the saddle for family and friends.  The horses performed beautifully and a great time was had by all.     Photos by Michele deCamp 
 The generous crowd mingles prior to the show.
 Haley adjusts Lowtchee's girth in preparation.
 Everybody likes to visit with the horses in the barn.
 Final preparations are made in the tack room.
 Saige and her mom share a love for horses.
 Lydia gives Trinity's mount, Spirit, a comforting touch.
 The crowd settles at the arena.
Before the first ride a few words are expressed on behalf of Sandi's years as a school horse.  Now at 30 years old, Sandi is officially retired!
 Jean leads Lydia and Tango to the ring for the first ride.
 Lydia and Tango demonstrate the skills of a new rider.

 Next, Alex riding Spirit and....
 Alexis riding Joshua....

 ...demonstrate the skills of riders with many years of experience.

 In the third group, Brooke and Spirit,...

 ...Natalie and Tango...
 ...and Laura and Zambi show off their acquired skills.

 Natalie is a veteran rider, now cantering on Tango.

 The fourth group includes Trinity and Spirit....
 ...Haley and Lowtchee...
 ...and Jenna on Tango.

 These three ladies have been riding for several summers.

 The final group of the evening includes Jordan and Zambi...

 ...and Saige on Tango.

Congratulations to all of these fine riders and their horses!  Well done ladies!

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