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Friday, May 8, 2015

Faces Only a Mother Could Love

    Happy Mother's Day,
    My friend Michele deCamp is back from Florida where she waited out the long winter in endless sunshine.  Her photo-documentation of life at Moose River Farm is in full swing as she wasted no time this week catching up around the barn.  Looking at these pictures I can't help but smile with a heart full of maternal affection as Michele reveals my animals' distinct personalities through her lens.  The frozen images are gifts for the day that celebrates the immense love I feel for each one of these special creatures.  Happy Mother's Day to all! 
Liam is a handsome billy-goat one minute...
 ...and a snoring beast the next.

 Lacey is as regal as a princess.
The two goats can not get enough of outdoors after the long winter.
 Rod's chickens spend sunny days scratching for worms.

 This hen has a lovely expression.
 Bing and Frankie...
 ...have practiced...
 ...and know how to... for the camera.

 Zambezi's thoroughbred good looks....
 ...are a contrast to Easau's thoroughbred silliness.
Rub my belly, please.
Niles and Nina
Fiona has a face that many mothers could love.

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