Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introduction to; Finding My Way to Moose River Farm

Good Morning,
The best part about vacation is that I don't have to leave home for days on end.  As long as there is milk and a green vegetable in the refrigerator there is no need to even warm up the car.  This morning it is 12 degrees; a huge change from the unseasonably mild weather we have experienced this March.  Still, there is no place I would rather be.  The horses have tried desperately to shed their coats in the extended warm weather.  This morning they all appear to be covered in velvet. What little hair that remains is trying to conserve body heat. 
Fiona, our pot belly pig, is at the end of a very long heat cycle.  For four days she has been out of sorts and unable to sleep for any length of time.  She has accompanied the dogs, goats, Rod and me on our daily walks which we have purposely extended in an effort to wear her out.  After a brief nap, however, she seems ready for another marathon.  Although, our patience is thin after four days of manning the door, (all day and all night), so that she can go out and come in, go out and come in..., she is still our favorite pig! 
Finding My Way to Moose River Farm is separated into three parts.  Part I chronicles my childhood through college graduation where my adult life with animals  dangled in front of me while growing up, impatiently, toward it.  Part II spans the next 18 years as they unfolded from two prophetic decisions, (based on my love of horses), that sent me to the Adirondacks where I met Rod and began to accumulate the menagerie that I dreamed of in my youth.  In Part III, Rod and I leave our beloved Lakeview Farm behind to build and begin the next phase of life at Moose River Farm, a spacious jewel nestled in the Adirondack wilderness.  The following is an excerpt from Part III of Finding My Way to Moose River Farm.  Enjoy!

Into the Future…
Moose River Farm is more than physical space.  It is also a lifestyle, a church, and a state of mind.  It is, for me, where peace abounds and all that is bad in the world is dominated by all that is good.  There is a rhythm here that never stops, although it does change throughout the year.  In the winter that rhythm is muffled by a blanket of deep snow that encourages all of us to slow down and rejuvenate our batteries.  With the coming of spring the rhythm picks up tempo and finds accompaniment in the beautiful birdsong that welcomes new life all around the farm.  In the summer, the rhythm is established through the buzzing insects, garden bounty, and gentle breezes that rustle through the trees.  Come fall, the rhythm is overwhelmed by the brief and dramatic crescendo of color that accentuates every view on the farm.  After the rich tones vanish, the beat softens as winter takes hold once again. 

Moose River Farm as viewed from Heaven!
Photo by Mike Mitchell

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful morning at Moose River Farm! I love the aerial view of the farm and all the things it encompasses.