Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All Grown Up

        Good Evening,
        Columbus Day Weekend provided me with three days to share with dear horsey friends and family.  In fact, perhaps one of them, (my niece, Amy), has inherited her horsey gene from me by way of her mother; my sister.  
        More about Amy will come later in this post, but first I must go back six weeks ago.  On a late summer day, I drove to SUNY Morrisville to spend a few hours with my college friend, Missy, (Walking With The Animals), who was checking her 4 year old Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross mare in for six weeks of 'boot camp'.  Since then, Nelly has proceeded through the rigors of education under saddle.  Last Friday, Missy, (along with two friends, Mary Anne, (Walking With the Animals), and Catherine), drove up from NJ to retrieve Nelly before continuing north for a weekend of fun at MRF.  While here, Missy had three days to ride Nelly under supervision.  Seeing Missy sitting on Nelly's back while walking, trotting and cantering was a huge thrill for all of us!  The first time I met Nelly was when she was only one week old after Michele, (Friends and Blessings), and I traveled to NJ for a quick peek at Missy's new baby.  Then, the long wait to ride her began.  Time ticked away and eventually the moment arrived, (four years later), when Nelly's education could finally begin.
        Ironically, Nelly's growth and changes prompted me to reflect on Amy's childhood growing up with horses and of the privilege it is to have her in my life.  From the moment she could articulate thoughts, she made it clear that she loved animals.  After one summer visit to Lakeview Farm, (Farewell to Lakeview Farm), when she was five years old, she returned home to her family's farm outside of Philadelphia and began practicing to care for a stick horse named E'ore.  'E' was not only meticulously pampered, but his training was world class as he cleared jumps set up on the lawn and effortlessly flew over any fallen log in the woods.  Eventually, Amy began to take riding lessons on real horses and at age 13, (long after E'ore was retired to the attic), became the proud owner of an 8 year old chestnut Thoroughbred gelding.  One month after she acquired him, the gelding was finally christened with the name Sir Welby; (Welsh; meaning from the farm by the stream), selected from a list of over one hundred that Amy had accumulated but couldn't decide upon.  Welby might still be without a name if it wasn't for the ultimatum issued by Amy's father to name the horse or else...
         Spending this wonderful weekend with people I love, immersed in my passion for horses, has left me with a delicious memory to savor and to keep me warm in the winter months ahead.  Amy and I concluded our extended time together by attending the One World Concert at Syracuse University last night.  Along with my friend, Lisa Eklund, (Journey Towards a Mindful Life), we listened to the Dalai Lama's incredibly simple and hopeful message about promoting World Peace.  He suggests that each one of us is capable of establishing this Global shift.  To begin, a consorted effort to keep the theme of  'doing for others' must be foremost in our quest for happiness.  Considering the love that emanates from His Holiness...I believe him. 

Surely Nelson arrived in May, 2008.

This precious 'caterpillar'...

...is all grown up four years later and ready to begin training under saddle.
At age five, Amy began to ride.  Windy, (1983-2010), provided the first lessons.
Then, at age 13, Amy became the proud owner of an 8 year old gelding she named Sir Welby.

All grown up, Amy is now a first grade teacher in New Orleans.

Once a year she finds her way to Moose River Farm so she and Welby, (age 23), can spend some quality time together.

Amy and Welby explored the Adirondacks on Columbus Day, 2012.

Missy and Nelly enjoying ride number 2, while Welby and Amy 'pony' them around the ring.


  1. Miss Nelly was adorable!!!!

  2. Another great story.
    We watched that concert on TV last night and were amused that the Dali Lama was wearing a Syracuse visor! Had I known you were in the audience, I would have looked for you! :)

  3. Anne, Another great post. It sounds like lots of people saw the Dalai Lama last night on TV. We were so blessed to be there live!

  4. So glad I got to spend time with all of you! So much fun! Also, I just want to note that I'm wearing a puffy down vest under my jacket in all of these pictures.


    1. OK This is a favorite story of mine. I would have loved to be there with you horsey girls this weekend!