Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Saturday, October 20, 2012

All Grown Up Part II

        Good Evening,
        An earlier post, (All Grown Up), prompted me to look through old photographs for evidence of 'years gone by' among other family members.  What I discovered was a cache of images that provoke fond memories of those I hold dear to my heart.  (George, Chelsea and Casey, Please send me photos to add!)  

My husband Rod, was just being a kid 'at the lake'.
Baby Mishka
Nephew Will with Uncle Rod and Mishka, all grown up.
Will and our niece, Rachel...
...now all grown up, still enjoy spending time with animals.

A young niece, Karly loved to hold the 'little' dogs,  (Luther)...
...and ride the horses. (Zambi)

All grown up, Karly still loves to hold the dogs...
(Niles, Nina, Huxley and Hayden)
...and ride the horses, (Karly on Target and Amy on Joshua)
Baby Easau!
Easau...well maybe not all of us are all grown up!

Niece Emma went to 'mini' horse camp.

Emma, all grown up with her Mom, Donna.
Chelsea, Karly, Ryan and Casey took tuns holding Luther.
Niece, Caroline grew up riding horses...
(Spy, Windy, and Zambi)
...and loved to visit the animals.  Here she is holding a hedgehog  from my classroom.
Young George, all grown up, spends quality recreational time with his family's dog, Eleanor.
All grown up, Caroline is married now.  Her sister  Emma  was married just this past June.

Lilly and Liam were precious babies.
All grown up the goats frolic down the hill to the sandpit.

I will never forget the purchase of my baby Friesian, Lowtchee, (Friesian Fever).
Horses grow up slowly...
...but when they are all grown up, they are a joy to ride, (with Amy, one of the subjects in the first post, All Grown Up).
Baby Fiona, the piglet, sits with Nina.
No question...Fiona is all grown up now!
Niece Katherine is also an avid animal lover and rider.
She and brother Ryan, (Boys and Horses), are growing up quickly.
Another nephew named Ryan has grown up with animals.
Now, Ryan is all grown up.
John and Meg spent many visits admiring Spike and Rosemary.
John, (Boys and Horses), is all grown up but still loves to ride Zambi.
Meg and Todd were lucky visitors the summer Olivia was with us.
Meg still loves to spend time with her animal 'cousins' at MRF.
(Nina, (far), Niles, Huxley and Fiona)
Nephew, Kyle has ridden quite a bit during visits over the years.
Murray and Kyle were also subjects in Boys and Horses.
Todd and Windy.
Todd and Zambi!  From: Boys and Horses
Although it has been almost five decades since my first ride on a pony named Charcoal...
...the passion is as strong as ever, despite being all grown up. (Joshua)


  1. Love this post! I had never seen the picture of baby Easau. Precious! Young humans in my family also fun to see. Amy

  2. This is more cute than funny!!!!! :)