Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Friday, February 1, 2013

Reader's Turn

        Good Morning,
      Every time I publish a post on my blog, I wait with great anticipation for the pageview counter to begin up-ticking away!  Almost immediately after announcing the new post on Facebook, there is evidence that someone out there is reading the new entry.  It’s thrilling to share my writing with those who wish to know more about Fiona, Promise, the donkeys, the horses and Rosemary to name just a few of the main characters from previous posts.  The assumption that I make over and over again is that my readers love animals and completely empathize with the connections that I have made with my own.  Therefore readers, you have caught my attention.  This post is more or less an invitation for you to share the animals from your lives. 
       So, if you were writing a memoir, (and I strongly urge you to), about the animals in your life, who would some of the main characters be?  Do you have a dog, cat, horse, etc…who you rescued?  Perhaps they rescued you.  Is there a special animal who supported you through childhood, difficult times, or raising your family and, although he is gone now, you have never forgotten the impact he had during your years together?  Has a pet ever arrived at the most appropriate or extraordinary time?  Now its your turn to share these special 'tails' from past and present with other animal lovers and of course, with me!
       Use the comment option at the bottom of this page or post on Finding My Way to Moose River Farm's Facebook page.  Pictures can be posted on FB too.  Can't wait to read about the special animals in your life.

After visiting MRF for a class picnic, one of my student's illustrated the activities he engaged in that day.  Note: hot-dog lunch and hot-dog, Huxley, Fiona and a goat eating a bale of hay, Rosemary wrapped in his arms, and the Westies sitting on the back of our beloved Sandi, (Just a School Horse). 



  1. Great idea! I LOVE the drawing above, especially the self-portrait! The fence executed with a straight edge and animals all engaged in activity... spectacular!

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    1. Thank you Anne for sharing your blog with us, and your interest in every one of your readers.
      I came across a poem today that reminded me of some of the blessed animals in my life, which I'd like to share.

      When I am old and grey,
      my step might be slower.

      I may not hear as well.
      I may not see as well.
      I may not feel as well.
      My love will be the same.
      My devotion will be the same.
      My appreciation will be the same.

      My heart and soul are grateful
      for all that you have done and do.

      When I am old and grey.

      (Thank you, I don't have the authors name - love their words.)


  3. This is beautiful Sue! We are committed to them until the very end. And when they die their love wraps around us like a blanket. Fully believe this.
    Thanks for posting.