Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Friday, January 9, 2015

Fantasy Farm Shopping, 2015

     Good Evening,
     Its that time of year again.  Wellington, Florida is gearing up for the WEF, (Winter Equestrian Festival).  Show horses from all over the Midwest and Northeast are being clipped and shipped to this horsey mecca in the Sunshine State.  Like migrating butterflies they swarm along main arteries such as I95 and I75 to escape polar conditions that grip the north from December until April.  Just follow any equine transport carrier's FB page, (Brook Ledge, Judge Manning), where they announce possible departure and arrival dates. Trainers, grooms, and a myriad of support staff follow in their horses' wakes to pursue one of the greatest perks of working with elite horse flesh.  It's a grand migration of many different species and walks of life.  They are all so lucky to escape the inevitable; bitter cold, freezing rain and blowing snow.
     My computer screen provides access to glimpses of a balmy, carefree winter.  Every Saturday evening I tune in to catch the current corporate sponsored Grand Prix Jumping event, Dressage Freestyle or Hunter Derby, (USEF NetworkChronicle of the HorseFEI TV).  Although I watch the best horses and riders from around the world compete, I scrutinize details not related to horses.  While buried under a fleece turtleneck, wool sweater or two, my attention is drawn to spectators attending in shorts, sandals, and shirt-sleeves.  I feel better when I notice the crowd is wearing jackets.
"It must be cold there tonight," I announce with satisfaction to my husband.  He half-listens while engrossed in the NFL playoffs on television in the living room.
     What would it be like to pack up the menagerie, shut down Moose River Farm, and flee to Wellington?  To skip a whole winter of scraping the car windshield, draining the hose, and bundling up for barn chores?  Perhaps if one of the following properties, (fully staffed of course), was waiting for us to arrive, it might be nothing short of perfect!
     Truth is winter in Wellington is not a reality for MRF.  Decisions made through out my life have led me along a whole different path.  I am perfectly content with those choices.  Once in awhile, I welcome the distraction to wonder what it would be like to live financially carefree with my husband and my animals in Florida's equestrian paradise.

Come along...let's browse these sale properties that embrace our horsey lifestyle...and dream a little.  

$1,750,000; Starter Farm for Wellington Newbie



$24,900,000; This will do nicely!



$9,999,000; A bit more modest!

After all that eye popping farm shopping I have come to the following conclusion: There really is no place like home!

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