Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Bunny Auditions

        Happy Easter,
     Trying to maintain a sense of humor is a bit difficult today considering an inch of snow has accumulated on the deck!  Word has it that the Easter Bunny might skip his annual spring visit to the Adirondacks on account of the weather.  Unlike Santa Claus, Bunny's visit is a celebration of all things new, reborn....and green.  Like PunxsutawneyPhil of Groundhog Day fame, extended unseasonable conditions only frighten the lily-livered lagamorph, (google it!) back into his lair.  
     Have no fear!  Some of the residents at Moose River Farm have stepped up to take the rabbit's place in the event of a no-show tomorrow.  Of course there has to be an audition to assure that only the perfect vernal hare replacement is selected.   When word spread through out the farm, the animals hopped into action, eager to show off their best impressions of the beloved bunny.  Turns out once a set of auditory antennae are fastened in place, just about anybody with fur can carry the disguise!  
     You, dear readers, can lend the North Country a hand.  Carefully, look through the photographs below and choose the best holiday cottontail contestant.  Leave a comment here on the blog, on Facebook or on Twitter and share with your friends and family.  You will help MRF save Easter in the Adirondacks! 
Although there have been sightings, the Easter Bunny might not be able to perform his annual vernal duties...on account of all the snow lingering in the Adirondacks.
The chickens are out of the contest; putting on bunny ears when already an iconic Easter image is quite frankly....beneath them.
Don't recognize this Easter Bunny? Its Fiona the potbelly pig!  Warning; a vote for Fiona might be a vote for Easter baskets void of candy. 

Liam wears the ears so well, two pictures of him have been posted.
A handsome Easter Bunny, indeed.
Spirit might be a good choice; galloping hooves will get the job done quickly and efficiently.
Tango might be a good choice too; he would have kept the ears on all day if there weren't others waiting to audition.
Ben will make a very serious Easter Bunny!  If that is important to you, by all means vote for him.
Careful, cute doesn't always get the job done!

Here is another entry worthy of two photos....
Perhaps Easau is a serious contender.
Perhaps there are two Easter Bunnies this year.  Bing and Frankie only work as a pair.  Their contract requires this.
 Frankie was trying to have his portrait taken, but River photo-bombed him.  Remember keep cute in perspective, no matter how cute!
...no matter how cute!
Maybe three is a good number of bunnies.  If this is the winning team, another set of bunny ears will have to be shipped....overnight!


  1. This is a hard choice, I think Liam wore them best! Any one of them would only deliver half of the goodies and the basket would be rather slobbery. Cute story, Happy Easter MRF !

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  3. Easau's got the job for me, but a team of bunnies would be best!

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  5. i know this comment is kinda late but I think three is a great number of easter bunnies for me!

  6. Hello ...

    some funny picture that your wearing in animal ...


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