Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Love is Always Searching....Best Wishes to Amy and Ben

Good Evening,
My husband and I have just returned home from attending our niece's wedding. Readers of the blog might remember Amy, (All Grown Up), from a number of blog posts. She has visited Moose River Farm almost every summer since we moved in twelve years ago. In fact she lived with us for two summers. Her horse, Welby, (Exchanging Gifts), lived out his days here when Amy's adult life required relocation after college graduation. The following poem was written for and read at the wedding. It's a biography to rhyme, warm...and inform. May this be the beginning of a long happy life together for Amy and Ben. Cheers!

Love is Always Searching
Best Wishes to Amy and Ben

Love is always searching
Searching high and searching low
For signs of everlasting
Contentment and seeds to sow

When this woman was first conceived
Love nurtured her in the womb
It stitched with threads of wisdom
And sang songs in a harmonious tune

In years to come
Love would plant for her
A total of siblings three
They all grew up strong and sturdy
Like the branches of their father’s trees

Along the way Love introduced
A world at which to marvel
A Spaniel pup here, a kitten there
And rodents to play among them

This land in need of livestock
Asked Love to build a barn
Goatie antics, bunny frantics
And chickens complete the farm

When she was young
Love sprinkled upon her
Some glittery magic dust
And off she rode on a toy stick horse
Make-believe imagination at its very best

But nothing compared
To what Love shared
Between her and an ex-racehorse
She galloped him out of childhood
Gripping the reins to stay on course

And all the while Love coiled and danced
nudging her to kiss the lip of a flute
Her breath and fingers flirted with fate
Earning a degree from the succession of notes

Love stood close while the little girl
Grew into an adventurous woman
Who ventured deep into the Delta
To teach its most vulnerable children

Alas this Love had one card left
To deal from a fickle hand
It searched for Ben
And assured her then
That this love could last

How did Love let her know
That Ben was hers forever?
It flowed in an accent of southern charm
Then prepared crawdads for dinner

As for Ben who cast the lure
That brought her to her senses
Love reeled her in then held the pen
So she could sign the license

Now settle in your new abode
As residents of the Big Easy
Love will guide life forward
To do with whatever pleases

With all the ingredients of a happy marriage
Thru which you two may amble
Love will keep you whole
Use it to lead and follow in your ensemble

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