Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
Activities at MRF; Fall 2021

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is it Summer Yet?

     Good Morning,
     Thanks to two unused snow days, I looked forward to an extended Memorial Day weekend with great anticipation.  Visions of warm sunny weather motivated me to consider tackling a whole list of spring chores between long trail rides and schooling sessions with my horses.  On Thursday morning I woke up early, not wanting to waste a moment of the five precious days bestowed upon our school calendar this year.  I planted flowers in several of the boxes that hang on our house and barn.  The air was warm, but humid and laden with pesky black flies.  However, nothing could have deterred my enthusiasm until dark clouds roared in over the Adirondacks.  By late afternoon the temperature began to drop!  For the next three days I pulled on my heavy winter coat, gloves and wool cap for insulation from the cold while doing barn chores.  The incessant north wind forced me to close all of the outside stall doors.  Since my horses and goats have shed their winter coats this gesture was most appreciated.  My newly planted petunias were carefully covered at night along with the tender blossoms of the juvenile apple tree in our back yard.  So much for washing windows, horse blankets and anything else I've ignored over the last five months.  
     Instead, winter lingered with chilly dampness that forced Rod to keep our indoor fireplace stoked day and night.  It appeared that good weather, already limited to a precious few weeks between May and October, would be stunted even more this year.  The word from town was that tourists and campers were seeking dry winter clothing to purchase.  By Sunday afternoon a line of cars exiting the Adirondacks suggested that those, defeated by the weather, were giving up on their holiday weekend plans.  Of course these weather issues pale in comparison to the recent loss and devastation caused by tornado activity in Oklahoma.  And I am thankful that we were spared the 30 inches of snow that fell on top of White Face Mountain.  
     Keeping all of this in mind I've begun to focus on the events of the weekend that were uplifting and fun.  Meg Marcone, (Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows), along with her two girls rode with me for three days.  Alex, (Wings for Alex), spent most of her break engaged with the horses as did Vicky Brazell, (Riding the Trail).  And my little friend Trinity, (Donkey Lessons), also spent a busy day at Moose River Farm.  Life is good and although I made many derogatory comments about the disgusting weather, nothing prevented me from counting my blessings while remembering those who sacrificed so much to establish Memorial Day weekend for us to enjoy. 
    As for summer?  Well this week our shaggy donkeys, Frankie and Bing have finally begun to shed their heavy winter coats.  I believe this is a true indication that although it appears we skipped spring this year, summer is finally here! 

Most of Memorial Day Weekend was cold and wet.
But not enough to dampen this blonde spirit.
Meg and Jacob see eye to eye most of the time.
Lacey smiles for the camera.
I never get tired of the daily animal procession....
....and enjoy it more when sharing it with others. 
Bing and Frankie play at the edge of the pond...
...then stop to graze on the sweet green grass.
The rest of us continue on our hike and...
...eventually, the donks run to catch up.
Its official....little girls 'heart' horses!
Big girls love them too.
Sandi and this little one have been 'buds' for years.
My mount is the other blonde Spirit in the barn.
Our first trail ride along the Moose River this year....Finally and officially...its summer!

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  1. The photos are beautiful and FUN!
    No indication of the unexpected cold front that blew through ( you did mention you were using up unused "snow days", I guess Mother Nature misinterpreted!
    Always looking on the sunny side of life - Bless you for that!
    It's helping to keep us doing the same!