Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm

Llama Trekking at Moose River Farm
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Fantasy Farm Shopping

     Good Evening,
     Actually, it is the middle of the afternoon, but it is the darkest day I have seen in November.  That combined with the saturated dew point and plunging nightfall that comes early this time of year, are challenging me to keep my spirits high.  It is after all, Friday and next week a short work week is followed by a busy Thanksgiving weekend to be spent with animals and friends.  The doom and gloom however, is prompting me to surf the net for sunny Florida properties that are available for sale.  Are we considering buying property in Florida at the moment?  No, but clicking through the listings of elite horse farms in the southern region of the Sunshine state is a welcome distraction before heading outside to do chores in drizzly cold conditions.  Besides, it doesn't cost anything to look, dream and imagine how those with an endless limit of financial resources avoid residing in the north over the winter months.  Join me and let's peruse the elite offerings in the Wellington, Florida area near West Palm Beach.  Feel free to be picky.  At these prices I expect perfection! 

Wellington Horse Farm; $34M
      Good thing this one doesn't come with a house because I would rarely be in it.  The barn has plenty of amenities that provide living quarters.  Besides, after playing with my horses all day, I would be too tired to entertain, let alone cook in a fabulous kitchen!

Wellington Horse Farm; $27M
     When would there be time to tend to the landscaping?  Of course the goats would gladly help out.

Wellington Horse Farm; $13M
     I wonder if these surroundings would elevate the goats and donks to a new level of sophistication.  That goes for the eclectic members of my horse herd too! 

Wellington Horse Farm; $10M

Wellington Horse Farm; $1M
Before you get too excited about this one...there are no paddocks, barn or ring... yet!

Had enough?  Me too!  The more I look the more I appreciate what I already have here; simplicity, coziness, and the ability to care for my own animals in an efficient well designed facility.  Escaping the gloomy afternoon for awhile to peek inside the realm of mega-wealthy horse owners provides some degree of satisfaction.  Despite the long, cold, winter that's on its way, I will keep what I have and be thankful for all of it.  Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
Photos by Michele deCamp
Me with half of my herd...
...Rod with the other half.
Goats and donkeys gorge on apples
The dogs, Rosemary, (iguana) and Fiona, (pig).

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