Sunday, June 3, 2012

Equine Exuberance

        Good Morning,
        June marks the 8th anniversary of our horses' move to Moose River Farm.  Rod and I did not actually live here full time until later that year, so for the summer of 2004 we commuted from Inlet to MRF to spend the day with the horses and goats.  While Rod worked tirelessly on finishing the house, I taught riding lessons and cared for the animals. 
        On the morning that we moved the horses and goats, Jean, (Friends and Blessings), and I made repeated trips, to get them all here safely.  By early afternoon the horses were reunited and ready to investigate their brand new paddock.  The video taped Celebration serves as a reminder of the day when a dream bigger than I could ever imagine began to come true.  Enjoy!

Zambezi, (bucking dark bay), Eastern Salute, (light bay), Spy Hopes, ('85-'06, chestnut with white), Windspeed, ('83-'10, chestnut with no white), Final Target, (gray horse who isn't celebrating, choosing to stand near the video camera instead!)


  1. Cute! Maybe Target is autistic. Amy

  2. What fun! Isn't it neat when horses are having a good time? Must have made YOU feel good that they were so excited to be in their new home.

  3. Wow Anne, can't believe it has been eight years. Great video and a favorite old song!